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In clinical practice, an isolated deficiency of only one vitamin is extremely rare, since insufficient intake of one vitamin always leads to buy tadalis online absorption and (or) metabolism of other vitamins. Treatment consists in eliminating the cause of hypovitaminosis. With alimentary hypovitaminosis, that is, caused by insufficient intake of vitamins in the body, the main method is diet therapy.

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The diet is developed by a gastroenterologist, taking into account the needs of a particular patient. Nutrition should be varied, balanced in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The diet must include berries, fruits, herbs, vegetables, easily digestible protein foods.

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If necessary, prescribe vitamin preparations. The duration of the course and dosage are set by the doctor. Possible complications and consequences. The progression of any form of hypovitaminosis can lead to the development of an extreme degree of vitamin deficiency in the human body - beriberi, which manifests itself as a serious disease (beriberi, pellagra, scurvy, etc.) with dysfunction of a number of organs.

Prevention of hypovitaminosis consists in proper nutrition, balanced in all major nutrients, with the obligatory inclusion in the menu of a sufficient amount of tadalis pills of plant and animal origin. Video from YouTube on the topic of the article.

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Experience. anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the city maternity complex, resuscitator of the hemodialysis department. The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! Hypovitaminosis - what is it? Hypovitaminosis. causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment.

  • With timely treatment, the prognosis is favorable.
  • All the media are constantly advertising vitamins and supplements; in the entire civilized world, there is practically no problem of access to order tadalis products.
  • How else can there be a shortage? And why are these substances needed at all?
  • A very long time ago, when medicine was much less developed, people noticed that when they find themselves in rather difficult conditions, for example, on a long voyage in the north, or when certain foods are excluded from their diet, a person seems to get sick for no reason.
  • Traditional methods of treatment did not help, and it gradually became clear that the matter was in nutrition. Moreover, not every food was suitable in order to avoid the disease or treat it, so people came to the conclusion that various types of tadalis contain certain substances.
  • Intuitive understanding was later reinforced by the research of scientists who were able to isolate and then synthesize these elements. But more on that later.
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Every person who reasonably approaches his diet knows that it must be balanced. And it's not just about proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also about essential vitamins and minerals. Of course, you can get them by taking special preparations, but it will be much more beneficial for the body to absorb them naturally - from food. But what are they for?

Conventionally, each of the vitamins plays a special role. But in fact, they are all designed for the normal flow of a huge number of tadalis. For example, vitamin C has over 300 biological functions. By the way, it cannot be synthesized by the human.

For a long time, the intuitive understanding that the diet should be varied was not supported by research. The well-known Russian scientist N. I. Lunin was one of the first who began to experiment in this area at the end of the 19th century. He fed mice in parts all the known components of cow's milk, that is, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, salts, sugar, but the animals died. And then he concluded that certain substances are necessary, which have not yet been discovered, but are essential for the life of the organism.

In 1906, such a conclusion was made by the English biochemist F. Hopkins, who called these components "accessory food factors". But the last step in the isolation of these substances was carried out by the Pole Casimir Funk, who received crystals that cured the signs of hypovitaminosis B, at that time it was called beriberi. He called this drug "Vitamin" (from the Latin word vita - "life" and the English amine - "amine", a nitrogen-containing compound). He also suggested that similar substances can cure diseases such as night blindness, scurvy, pellagra and rickets. And he was not wrong.

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In the first half of the 20th century, almost all the main vitamins were obtained, and later their chemical structure was deciphered. Other substances have been found that act on the same principles. With the wording "for the discovery of vitamins" in 1929, Hopkins and Eikman, who studied animal hypovitaminosis using chickens as an example, received the Nobel Prize. The merits of tadalis and Funk were forgotten for many years.

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Nevertheless, further research has made it possible to isolate new substances that are today related to vitamins, as well as to understand their functions. Today, a huge number of vitamins are known, and they are divided into groups. Previously, they were also distinguished by fat and water solubility, but the appearance of a large number of analogues deactivated this classification.

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